No Smoking Day
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Day 38 and all is well.

Hi All,

This is my second post , first one was on day 23 when things appeared a little too easy.

Well, day 38 is here now and still no drama's - managed to put on about 8 pounds, jumped on my bike to work and back and the weight has now come back down two pounds in the right direction.

Having a few beers is always a bit touchy but I'm sure it will improve as I go.

Good luck to all who are still battling - If you are getting fat - buy a bike and ride it (it works)

I was a 25-30 fags a day man for 30+ years - Its all mental

Take care, good luck and keep fighting the demons


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Great post

What a lovely positive post to start the day.

I too have put on weight, but am now doing something about it in the form of a twice weekly jog (if you can call it that :o) and I bought the EA Active Personal Trainer thingybob for the Wii and have started doing a 30 day workout. I'm the same - 2lb's in the right direction!

I've still not had a big drinking session yet, not that I'm a big drinker anyway, but that's one hurdle i'm still to get past, but I've got this far and know I would be silly to throw it all away because of being a bit tipsy!!

You seem like you've knocked your demon right out, so well done you!



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