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still going

Its been about 68 days now so time for a recap.

No mad cravings for weeks now. I still miss them everyday but its on a very managable level now. I go for hours without thinking about them at all now, i am delighted and still a bit surprised by that.

Weight gain, i've had my share. I've gone from 14 stone 3lb to 15 stone 9lb so far, thats an 18LB increase for those of you outside the UK :) Im 6ft 2" and fairly broad so i am fine with that but will keep an eye on it. I have no intention of cutting back on snacking at this point but i am trying to be more healthy about it.

I exercise regularly now, lifting weights and running. My knees hurt from the running so i have to rest them for a while, i think i tried too much too soon there and im paying for it now :D its full steam ahead with the weightlifting though, im getting stronger and fitter everyweek, that is something i know i couldnt have achieved while smoking, i just wouldnt have had the energy or the lungs for it :)

With regards to smoking, i feel the sprint is over and the marathon has begun, i aim to win that race too :)

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Hi Mini. 68 days is pretty amazing when you think about it. Remember how back at the beginning going 68 minutes without a smoke seemed like a mission? I had this NHS Quit Kit wallplanner and I'd be on day 6 or something and I'd look ahead at day 28 and think how great it would be if I could reach it.

I NEVER want to go have to go through those first few days again - which is why I'm going to stay quit - a day at a time.

Well done Mini!


Marathon indeed!

Hey Mini!

Congratulations! What a life change, quit smoking and doing the exercise is fab!

Well done mate.

Aye, being able to get through bits of life without thinking about smoking seemed totally impossible eh? I love the feeling when you realise you haven't thought about it in a while!

Love your take on things that its now a marathon :)


p.s. If you want to get back to running, get yourself to a spe******t running shop and get measured for proper running shoes if you haven't already. That might help with your achy knees :)


yeah i never want to go through this again, i keep reminding myself what it was like in the early days of the quit, it helps me to stay quit

getting measured for running shoes seems like a good idea, i visited a running forum the other day and they said the same thing


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