No Smoking Day
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My First Day, Take Two!

Good evening all,

Well today is my second attempt at stopping smoking. I stopped a couple of weeks ago but only made it to day 11, and stupidly thought (when out drinking) that having one would be okay, how wrong was I! So what followed was four days @20 a day.

So back at day one, but more determined than ever. Wish me well on my roller coaster journey. I will make good use of this forum now I've found it.

Smoked 25-30 a day for 17 years

Going cold turkey

Read Allen Carrs Easy way to stop smoking

Listened to Paul McKenna's Stop Smoking audio book.

Best of luck to my fellow one day ers. we can do it!!


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Good luck .We can do this , my first day as well .

This forum will really help you when you are having a really bad day .Keep posting .


Hi and welcome to the forum :) i found it really helpful here during those low moments and still do at times. If your going cold turkey (i did) be prepared to feel a bit rough as your body starts to release the toxins in your blood. Also read up as much info as you can this will really help. Good luck and let us knoww how your getting on. :)


Thanks all, I'm going to enjoy the results. Will keep posting for sure

Good luck to Jans, you're correct we can & will do it

Well off to bed for me. night all



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