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No Smoking Day
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i USED TO smoke around 15 a day for 12 years

i dont think stopping smoking should be portrade as it is. Its easy, its a choice, its the descision not to smoke again not the will power. Yes of course we will suffer but think of what we are leaving behind and thats just it - leave it behind. I've stopped now for 7 days and regardless of whether its 7 days or a year. I've stopped. why count the days for those who post threads after years? are these people living there lives counting days? they have done it - forget it - move on. i recon this mind set is the best way. yes we need support and the pat on the back but we also need to think why on earth did we smoke in the first place. Euphoria was the feeling that we were craving - we will forget that feeling the longer its left.

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im glad its easy for you, it wasnt for me

you've found these support forums so you know where to come if you need a little help

good luck :)


Congratulations on your 7 days of not smoking and i understand what you are saying. I quit for a good 10 years, no it wasn't easy but it wasn't that difficult either, i didn't count the days, weeks months etc but just moved forward much like you mention above and got on with life. In fact i never thought about smoking, didn't miss it at all. But it is strange how 10 years later i started again and this time smoked HEAVILY for 5 years.

I do count the days, i'm not sure why but i'd rather be counting the days than how many fags i have left. Each to there own.

Good luck. :)


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