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been naughty!

hi all

sorry i havent been around for a bit, i am on day 29 today :) but saturday evening was a little drunk and took one drag from a fag and chucked it away, i feel so ashamed, dont know why i did. my o/h did as well :(

we did not smoke yesterday or even think about it, we were very drunk, but i do remember having a drag, then thinking yuck what am i doing and chucked it away. I have thrown out the rest of the fags i acquired lol.

Please say i dont have to go back to day one :(

feel so bad!

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I decree that you may be allowed to stay in this area and not slide down the snake to day 1!

Seriously, sometimes a blip can be a positive thing. If you've realised it was not worth it, then thats a good thing. Chalk it up to experience and don't do it again!! ;)


thanks :)

i am certaintly never doing it again! it was disgusting

i will remain strong :)


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