No Smoking Day
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Day 1

Oh well, i want to quit smoking too. Have been doing it for almost 20 years now, and i see no fun or pleasure in it and am only addicted. What a dirty thing it is!

I got Allen Carrs book, i read enough about how bad it is... and i don't feel fit in my body with this terrible, nasty, bad habbit.

I know i want to quit for over 2 years now, and yet i didn't find the courage so far, to really stop it.

Also, i notice the cravings are the worse for me when i feel angry (or the cravings make me feel angry)... i never know how to handle a negative situation, if i don't have a cigaret in my hands.

That is where i am failing the most in this whole situation.

Anyway...this is now my first day. Just turned of my last one 20 mins ago... :o

Good day everyone :)

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Hi Kamy. Welcome to the forum. You going cold turkey? I really enjoyed reading Allen Carr's book, I've read it many a time but I've not managed to cope with quitting without some sort of NRT. There are quite a few people around here who have though so they'll be able to help you through the first few days.

Good Luck with Your Quit!


Yes, i am trying going cold turkey... otherwise i should see a better plan :o


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