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Bl00dy Sunshine


Yesterday was gorgeous, first sunny day of the year warm enough to venture out without hat scarf and gloves.

WE did our usual and invited friends round for a BBQ............:D.

Good food, good wine & good company BUT wow cravings back with vengeance. It is a long time since I felt real cravings, not little wants, but real full on I WANT A CIG stuff.

Didn't have one, not even a puff of smoking friends cigs but never have I been so tempted. Mr LJ felt exactly the same.

Put it down to the SUNSHINE, the association with sitting in the garden enjoying the sun must have real strong links to smoking. :(

Just goes to show that no matter how strong or long your quit is it can still hit you on the back of your head and knock you off your feet. :p:p


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Hi Lorna bad that you had a massive crave but absolutely brilliant that you didnt succumb to it, its not the wanting thats a problem you could look at a hunky bloke walking down the street but you wouldnt sleep with him would you (ok forget that one LOL) no cause you wouldnt so thinking about a cig is not the problem its giving in and having one and then feeling sh** because you have.

My craves had near enough gone but yesterday sitting on the lake side made me crave like you say new assosciation with the sun shine and maybe a drink in you hand but like you it passed and then your ok.

Imagine smoking again and all the down sides, a chap came walking round the lake yesterday he had stopped in 1996 and was wheezing like an old man COPD and he said his lung function down to 39% and I asked how long he had had it before quit 4 years he said it was so gradual he didnt notice till it was to late, wow how fast did my crave dissapear LOL you are ok to have a crave just dont give into it xx


Well done Lorna, those triggers can be so huge but they lessen as you get used to doing things without the cigs, this is possibly the first time you have been in that situation without smoking. Isn't the sun wonderful? A little over a week ago we had snow and minus temperatures, yesterday and today I have had to switch heating off.

Jamangie, I can identify with that man, I was diagnosed three years before I had it full blown. It is most important for anyone who had a diagnosis of COPD or any chest/breathing problems to stop as soon as you can, there is not always a long number of years before it is too late.

Enjoy sun.



Heyyyy Lorna!!!

Its a bummer the smoking friends thing isn't it?

Made me think that its going to be a whole year of experiences where we would otherwise have smoked, and not doing.... there's things that we can do now though quite happily.... rather than our weak lunged chuffing counterparts... which is a huge bonus...

This weekend i have been camping and climbed 3 peaks on ridge walks of 600 metres a piece.... third of a mile per peak, in 3 days.... i'd be b*ggerd if i could have done that as a smoker... and instead of my lungs screaming, it was my thighs.... hoorah! It felt good! Just remember that there is sooo many things and reasons that outweighs the bad breathed and premature wrinkly option....

Big love and huge support xxx


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