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No hayfever so far this year?

I'm coming up to 3 months quit and life is good. Yesterday I had to lead a group of people on a walk in the Malvern hills for work and I didn't get out of breath once! :)

The weirdest thing is that so far this year I haven't had any hayfever symptoms. I know that this spring has been late because of the very cold winter. Normally as soon as that cherry blossom is on the trees I'm reaching for the cetirizine but this year I've not had to do that. Is it possible that my hayfever has been cured by giving up smoking?

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An interesting thought. I usually suffer quite badly in the early part of the hayfever season, but have so far been fine too aside from a couple of sneezes. I bought some antihistamines yesterday but don't need them yet.


Ooooh Interesting!!!

Oooooh very interesting..... i'm a summer sneezeasaurus too, unusally a late may/early june started.... i really hope that i might not get it, but if the sicilia in our throats are growing back, and defences are up as they're not battling with hundreds of nasty chemicals on a daily basis then it may be that its lessened and even possibly eradicated.

i didn't have hayfever as a child, and then had adult onset.... roughly around the time that i started 'being cool' and smoking.... never thought of this before.... Thaaaanks! ;)


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