Week 3 here i come!

I know i'm a little bit early (well only 40mins) but just so excited couldnt wait to get out of week 2 and come and have a peek in here.;)

Wishing the weeks away as been a little over zealous this month and already spent all my cig money (on everything but cigs I might add! and mostly on me!) but already have a wish list for next months dosh!!:cool:

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  • well done susan into 3 weeks xx wicked....You sound so positive & happy too ...x good to hear xxx:)

  • Thanks, Hope I dont sound to motivated by money LOL :o

  • Thanks, Hope I dont sound to motivated by money LOL :o

    no dont be daft lol xx money is probably one of the best motivations to keep going xx for me too anyway xxx:)

  • Well done, you'll soon be in the 1 month room before you know it.

  • Why is there always and up and a down?!!

    Thanks, today been a mixed bag good and bad. Put a little bet on the national last night and had a nice little win, then spent some time grooming my beloved horse tonight (Mr moon is coincidently an ex racehorse! I used to work at a racing yard and he was one of my horses to exercise, about 8/9yrs ago when his nasty owner tired of him not consistantly winning he was to be sent to the sales, the trainer suggested if I wanted him I made the guy an offer, didnt have much £ but he accepted my offer and we rescued him, nasty owner placed my hard earned cash on a bet on a race.. the horse fell at the first!) anyway as I was saying was giving him a good grooming he'd been out without his rug on today to get a little sun on his back and being a grey came in black!! I was feeling guilty as not done much with him since I had my daughter 4yrs ago thinking I should pluck up the courage to get him going again when I discovered a little lump just behind his shoulder right about the area the girth would sit to keep the saddle on! Probably something or nothing just a little hard lump about the size of small avacado stone, not painfull to him and he is a grey they are prone to getting melanoma's (benign lumps) usually under their tails though and now 14yrs old, so consiquently now on a bit of a downer! Will get it checked out next week by the vet and see what he says. Why is it nothing in life is ever plain sailing... something good happens then just to stop you in your tracks it throws something not so nice in your path??:(

  • Aw... try and keep a positive mind....:) I have up and down days esp of late lol.

  • 40 mins early thats cheating :D

    well done u

    ps. might go and peek in year 10 room only on day 35 but gotta think big right ! :D

  • Fingers crossed for Mr Moon. I think you should get that sorted then get back on him!

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