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New Member Just Saying Hi!!

I stopped smoking on November 20th 2009...Cold Turkey......So far so good 5 months in 12 days time.......I've had no problems yet......smoked 10 a day for 20 years .Started in my early 30s.Happy to join you even at this late stage.Best Wishes Douglas.....Ps...I will mainly be following people at my stage of the quit.....Thats Why I like The Way This forum Is Laid Out.PPS NO CIGS AT ALL Since My Quit.PROMISE!!!!!

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Hi Doug and well done. There is hope for me too then. I quit ct too.

Enjoy the forum.


My First Day here!!!

Hi,I See You Have in your sig...i found JOELs Vids Fantastic For The first Month Or So........Yes It Can Be Done Cold Turkey....I Gave Up For Health reasons...And Money.....I Dont Want To Let Cigs Damage me any more or even kill me in the my health is good....I want To Keep It ThaT wAY...bEST wISHES yOULL BE FINE IF YOU REMEMBER WHY YOU WANTED TO QUIT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!......Douglas.


Eh are doing great. Since you quit in November, you should

be part of the 'De-Novos' quit group. There are a bunch of us if you look


Keep it up!


Welcome Douglas

Well done on your quit. Hope you enjoy the support here. xx


Hi Douglas

Glad you are doing so well and 5 months is stupendous, you will find this a great site to be on.

The site will also continue to help you keep your quit strong and also if you feel so inclined to come on and help us mere mortals coming up behind.

I also took the decision to go CT on Christmas Day of last year and although I want say I feel on top of the world yet I am hoping that there is a point where I will, please tell me that I’m not wrong please (or just lie to me) LOL.

So again congrats on your lengthy quit and hopefully we will see you on often.


Hi douglas xx 5 months is amazing

well done mate :)


Hi Douglas

Well done on your quit!



Hey Douglas

How did you manage so far on your own...I don't know what I would have done without this place.

Welcome to the site and hope you get loads of support.

L xx


douglas.j Reply.

Well..That Was A great greeting and greatly appreciated..Thanks Everyone for your kind messages......I'm busy this weekend but will go into the details of my quit very soon so please bear with me.... also Id be happy to join the November club........I'll be back very soon......Promise!!!!...Douglas....Have A great weekend Everyone.


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