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i am new to the forum so thought i would introduce myself

my name is alex and im 26 y/o, i had been smoking for 9/10 years of around 15 a day more or less. (More when drinking =) ).

I have been half heartedly thinking of quitting for the last year but decided to quit for good now and on day 34!!!

i am using patches for the first month using full strength 15mg and now on 10mg while using inhalator when i feel the need.

i have suffered with aggression and short temper like a angry infant for the first couple of weeks and thanks to my misses patcients have got through it fine.

i work in a stressful environment (currency trading) and colleagues smoke so think i'm doing ok.

I wanted to ask the people who are also going through it, am i cheating using patches and inhalator. When should i stop using them? (i have decreased the patches strength)

i still find it difficult to be honest and grab from my inhalator a lot when craving.

any recommendations for my scenario?

also i was told that i would cough a lot once i gave up but i haven't at all which is slightly worrying me as though i would be coughing up all the tar that i have pumped into my lungs over the years.



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  • Hi alex,

    Well done for getting to Day 34 - that's a great achievement!

    You're not cheating - cheating is saying you've given up smoking but secretly locking yourself in the shed and having one! You are using NRT, which is recognised as a successful stop smoking aid, and more than doubles your chances of quitting and staying quit:) I'm on day 28 today and like you I'm using the patches and inhaltor, and they are working well for me as well - I'm using a quit smoking clinic at my local pharmacy and they recommend you follow a 12 week program - 6 weeks on the high strength patches, 4 on the medium and 2 on the low for me, using the inhaltor only when you really can't control the urges (which are less and less frequent and strong?)

    Dont try and come off them too quickly - it's only been 5 weeks so really early to be thinking of stopping them. How many cartridges are you using in your inhaltor per day?

  • Of course it's not cheating to use the patches-they do make it easier, but there is still some nic withdrawal with them. Htas off to Cold Turkeyers, i don't know how they do it!

    I had every NRT device going, a constant stream of sweets and food, multivits-i do recommend these-high dose, herbal ciggies(foul) , anything to make it easier.

    Don't fall into the trap of allowing yourself "just onE" ...and google junkie thinking and nicodemons lies to help with the mental part of addiction. BUT, you have to really want to, It can be difficult, so expect some discomfort.

  • Hi alex,

    (which are less and less frequent and strong?)

    Dont try and come off them too quickly - it's only been 5 weeks so really early to be thinking of stopping them. How many cartridges are you using in your inhaltor per day?

    Hi thanks for your reply,

    i only use one max two cartridges per day, do be honest a lot of the time i know that it is empty but find it helps.

    I do find myself needing to use the cartridge less at evening and weekends, but during work time it is quiet often in my mouth (even though not any nicotine in it)



  • there is still some nic withdrawal with them.

    do you get much of a nic withdrawal from when you stop the patches as have recently moved down the strength of the patches and found abit of withdrawal



  • me too!! I use 2 cartidges at the mo, and find myself sitting at my desk puffing away even though I know it's empty - but hey, we are not smoking at that's what it's there for! I have a slight fear I'm a little bit reliant on it (:eek:) but when I'm ready I'll wean myself off - my smoking clinic woman told me not to even think about it at the mo, so would guess as you're only a week ahead it would be the same for you.

    To have come this far on your own is great, but you'll find this forum really great support. Many of us on here have never been on a forum before and found it a bit strange at first, but I can guarantee yu whatever you've been through or are experiencing not smoking theres at least a dozen others on here with the same story, and I swear it really does help sort your head out:)

    Carry on staying strong!

  • Yep, definitely. You can cut bits off them to make it a bit easier, as theres a noticeable withdrawal each step down. For example , I cut the last one into four bits (What a junkie hey?)

    Someone suggested cutting a tiny piece of each day?

  • LOL Vicstar, it is nice to find someone else going through the same thing.

    stay strong



  • thanks crissy and eveyone for welcoming me,

    i'm sure i will have a load of questions and hopefully help people as well


  • Hi Alex

    Day 34 - well done you!!!!

    Not used patches but I can see that those who have have given you great advice.

    Keep reading and posting - it helps loads. :)

    Staying strong together

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