my reasons for quitting

it blooming stinks

i hate not being able to breathe in the morning

i hate the smell of the house in the morning

i hate that i can smell it on my children

im wheezing constantly

its so expensive

i have other health problems that i do not want to make worse

i dont wanna die young

it stinks

it stinks

it stinks!

hubby is a non smoker

kids are always on at me to quit

i want a new bathroom suite

i hate being a slave to a little white flipping stick!

4 Replies

  • Great reasons Becci,

    Taking control of your life is always a good motivator (sp) The longer you go the more strength you will have :D


  • Hi Becci, yes it does stink so so bad. Just wait until your sense of smell comes back and you won't believe just how gross it really is.

  • Some great reasons there Becci. Good luck with your quit

    Shir x

  • Its very nice to quite smoking.I also quit smoking because I can think of better uses for the $2,500 or so that I spend each year on cigarettes. That much money would make for a fine vacation, or do wonders for my retirement fund. It would also go a long way toward paying for college for a child.

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