No Smoking Day
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woo hoo

hi everyone i am becci, i am 32 and i have just completed my first day without a ciggie in 19 years!!!

im so proud of myself.

i want one dont get me wrong but im thinking how silly would it be for me to have one now when i have gone all day!

im using an inhalor thing, but i have only used it once today. i normally smoke 40 a day.

what kept me going today was how my kids looked at me when i didnt light up after tea.

that pride in their eyes egged me on.

i know its only day one but im well chuffed with myself!

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Welcome to the forum and to the first day of the rest of your life! Bloody well done for quitting. Use this forum to post your highs and lows and try out the links on peoples signatures. Remember you are choosing not to smoke and its a brilliant thing you are doing. x


Welcome Becci & good for you. If you ever feel tempted, really tempted just remember the look of pride in your little ones eyes :D

Have a good day 2 today & let us know how it goes ;)



Well done on day 1!


Well done you ,stay strong .


Brilliant news bec xxx one day done ..the best decision you will ever make xxx well done xxx xxx


hi Becci Well Done! Bet your really pleased with yourself.

Shir x


well done. hope you made it to day 2 and hope to see you on day 3 tomorrow.



one thing i would suggest, is try and forewarn people that you may be alittle short over the next couple of weeks, and support and calmness of your family when you bear your claws is a big help.

keep it up and dont think that you can a quick ciggy as it will all start again.

onwards and upwards



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