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Craving took me by surprise!

I've been away at the caravan since last Tuesday, was a little apprehensive cos camping was one of my weaknesses with smoking last year, but it went fantastically well, and I didn't think of smoking once, that is until I came home. Got in, put the milk in the fridge, sat and had a cup of tea and wham, there it was. Didn't last for long and there's been no aftershocks, but it did leave me slightly shaken cos I haven't honestly thought of smoking for such a long time! Really pleased with the way camping went though, loads of triggers overcome without a thought, it was only when I got home today that I realised, perhaps that's what brought on the craving?

Back to the caravan on Wednesday hopefully to better weather.

Hope everyone is having a good Easter and is eating enormous amounts of chocolate!

Lorraine :)

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That'll learn you to put the milk in the fridge! *tuts*

Happy caravanning though (as long as I don't get stuck behind you...let off if it's static). I love staying in caravans (I fell out the window of one once in Christchurch. Unfortunately the top bunk was sorta in line with a window which wasn't locked. I've slept perfectly still every since).

Nearly misspelt tuts...could have been embarrassing!

Glad you got through it though...these things are always gunna happen...I blame the tea.



You're right about the tea, should have had a glass of the red stuff, in fact I might just do that now.

Nice car by the way, and so true about getting more for your money if you get something a bit older. No fear of getting stuck behind us now, caravan is fully set up in West Wales, not to return until end of October, i'll warn you in case you're in the area. Although it might be a bit slow when the boat goes down!? Apologies in advance to anyone who might be behind us!

Happy motoring,



Hi lorraine

you have that glass of red :D i had some major craves today omg how i got through them i cant say but i did :) never expected them to just come pounding in from no where but just have to be on are guard hey :)



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