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No Smoking Day
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Day 11

Hi, i'm into day 11 of no smoking, currently using 21mg patch and Nicorette inhalor.

I've been fine up to now except for the usual things like not sleeping, and wanting to eat everything edible around me, being irritable and stuff.

Today i have started to get the shakes and feel ill, i woke up this morning stiff as a board, feels like the onset of flu but these shakes have got me rattled (pardon the pun), cold sweats. Has anyone else had this ?

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I'd maybe say it potentially is what I've been told you can get which are flu / cold like symptoms giving up. However, if it's day 11 perhaps that is a little late - saying that I'm at the same point day wise as you and been sneezing all day for some weird reason. Probably play it safe get yourself checked out at the drs when possible but their advise hopefully once get all clear would be to keep up fluids along with maybe getting some vitamins / fresh fruit or veg in to build yourself - that's what I'm doing after my sneezing today.


they say 'quitters flu' exists, but i'm more inclined to believe that when we are quitting we start looking at every symptom as being 'part of quitting', and never just consider that we may have become ill whether we smoked or not.

I'm more in the belief that you've just got a regular bug thats been going about... treat the symptoms of this cold/flu and look after your quit separately. You'll be just fine.


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