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56 days

It wasnt that long ago that i seemed to have a built in timer that kept track of the days since my last smoke. Now i have to think about it so thats a good sign.

Im excercising regularly and really enjoying the benefits of it, i have been walking, running and lifting weights. I went to the gym for the first time yesterday but i much prefer the great outdoors where you can run along a beach or hike up a hill or two. Plus thats FREE! :D

Lately i have been gravitating towards old threads, particularly those written by folk who had been quit for months and then inexplicitly started smoking again. That scares me so i try to tell myself daily that i must never become complacent, that i can never have one puff ever again.

Soon i will be in the month 3 forum yippee! :cool:

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Well done Mini

I too get worried when I read people have had "blips". I had a bad week recently when I was desperate for just one cigarette. I know that isn't possible, so glad I got through it!

Well done on your 56 days, must be 57 now!



Well done Mini & Beecyboo, both for your quits & NOT giving in when temptation struck. That's the way to do it :D

Another hurdle passed & another day done, keep it up ;)

Gaynor xx


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