No Smoking Day
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Hi Everyone

Just moving my stuff in here ready for tommorow. Gave up News Years Day so 1st April will be beginning of month four and month three complete. 90 days today and at £6.25 a packet of Silk Cut thats a saving of £562.25.

So budge up and make room for me. Brought some biscuits as a moving in gift. Help yourself and see you all in the morning.


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Well done to you Heathy, a great quit.

I am sure the 4 monthers will appreciate the biccies & gift :D

Gaynor x


Well done

Well done Heathy - keep on leading the way :)

I see you are from Ipswich - I lived there for over 10 years and my daughter was born in Heath Road Hospital - great part of the world!


gratz on the 4 Aprils fools here :D


Hi Steph

Thanks guys. Steph I was bormn in Heath Road Hospital too :)

Three months today. Hurrah for me and all of us.



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