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Day 61


Well as the title says, day 61!! Its mad. I never imagined this point. But i am really proud. I do still get cravings! i was with my b/f yesterday who smokes. He was at the back door and i was in the kitchen saying that i had a craving. If he had offered me his fag, i would have probably had it, but although he still smoke, he is very supportive and just ignored me, which helped, lol

Plus side, People have complimented my skin and said it looks like i have been on holiday and have a glow!!! I have never had good skin, so this was nice to hear.

Keep it up guys because you are doing so well

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Well done you, 61 days, BRILLIANT.

I bet you wouldn't have had a fag if you had been offerred it. Thinking briefly it smells nice is a different ball park to lighting one up & finding it's foul :eek:

You keep it up & keep looking out for all the positives :D

Gaynor xx



with bells and cherries on top


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