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Day 50!

Wow - have just worked out that it's day 50 of my quit today! :)

It's been quite a tough old road, as my partner left during this time, but I've done it. I've gained a little weight (as is fitting for a Flab Feb quitter!) but am slowly getting back into the gym habit, so I'm sure that will sort itself out.

In a couple of weeks time, this will be my second longest quit. My son has told me that he won't congratulate me on quitting until I've gone past a year and a half (my longest quit to date) - that keeps me going, too.

Beccy, Mark (and anyone else who quit on the 8th Feb) - well done on reaching day 50! :D

Lottie x

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well done...

Hey lottie,

Just posted in the other 50 day post too!

Another couple of weeks till I make the 50 day milepost, but I know I will. You've obviously done really well, especially dealing with a split too! Not sure many people could handle that at the same time.

Anyway, well done to you and catch you in the gym later :)


Great minds indeed........

It took me that long to confirm if it was day 50 or not. Ran out of fingers!!!

Well done us!



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