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Day 17 - Not Good


Just here to vent my frustrations.

On week 3 now and things have been going swimmingly well but for the past 3days now when I take my patch off at night it has left a big red square where it had been, i've been moving them around and haven't had them on the same spot twice and have not had a reaction up till now. I've just announced to the whole office that I want a fag, thats the first time i've said that out loud, my good friends have of course told me nooooooo but its in my head now.

Hopefully the urge will wear off as i type.


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Hi peesha,

Sorry you are having a bad day today. Please remember that it will pass & those good friends are quite right to say NO. Somedays it just gets you worse than others I know, but ride it out. It will get better & those days will become far less frequent. Do all you can to take your mind of it. deep breathe, drink lots. Try & focus on all the good things you have noticed so far on your journey :D

I get red marks where my patch has been sometimes as well. So long as it is not sore or bothering you at all I wouldn't worry. Try to always make sure the area you put it on has no lotions, talc etc on there first to react with it. Weird how they do that sometimes & not others. I had a phase where they itched so badly I had to rip them off.

Good luck, keep strong, post here often. talking or ranting, whatever, helps :D

Gaynor x


Hey peesha,

I've been off patches since last Saturday and still have plenty of red marks left.

Sounds like you have some good friends, please listen to them and don't give in.

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