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No Smoking Day
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My 3rd week - The stress is lifting

Can't believe I haven't smoked for 15 days!! I feels sooo pleased with myself. Went to a gig last night and saw people standing outside the venue in the rain and I felt so glad that I was no longer joining them.

It made me realise that whilst I was smoking, i was always under a degree of stress; I was never fully relaxed. I was always thinking about where my next fag was coming from, always slightly on edge. Any journey, any queue, any social situation, would always stress me out and I would constantly be thinking about smoking my next one. It seems crazy to think about this now - But that was my life and I feel so much more free now.

My wife has still quit and I am so proud of her. She has struggled, she has fought her cravings - She is a star and I couldn't do this without her!:D:D:D

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DAY 15 too, funny isn't it when you realise just how different you are now. I was at Tescos yesterday about to get out of the car but it was raining and as i glanced out the window to contemplate getting out i saw so many smokers in the rain, one woman had a fag hanging out her mouth while she loaded her trolly into her boot (it looked rough then i thought...gasp i've done that lol). I saw so many smokers have a 'quick one' either before entering the shop or after stepping out. SO YOU ARE RIGHT it really does take over your life.

Only 15 days later and what an impact yaahoo..........:p


Oh matey... thats blooming terrific :D

Tell your wife for me congratulations too.. you two seem to make a great team!!! Thats why you are both strong and will succeed doing this :)

keep up the good work the pair of you!!



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