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A year and a day

Made it past the one year mark yesterday lunch-time. And I am totally chuffed.:p

As so many have said before, this forum has been a massive support, so thanks are due to one and all. This has been a great place for education, support through the tough times, laughs and distractions, advice and help. And the company of good people determined to achieve.

It feels so so good to be starting year 2.:D

All best wishes to everyone, whatever stage of your quit you are at.

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Excellent news, Deke.

I'm sure you will have had a superb day yesterday feelin' more than a little smug at yourself for what you've achieved.

Congrats :)


Brilliant Deke! Can the Penthouse fit all us MMQ's in? :D


Congratulations Deke. Hadn't thought of it as being the start of the second year, sounds good though doesn't it. Well done deke and keep it up. David


WOW.........huge well done Deke :D:D

Like the sound of starting year 2 as well. Way to go ;)

Gaynor xxx


Brilliant Deke, am really delighted for you.



Fabulous achievement Deke, one year AND a day with no smokes :cool:

All the best to you as you journey on and through your 2nd Year:)


superb effort deke! you must be over the moon :D


Well i'd sure be really happy, so i'm certain you are too :)...

huge congrats are due for the 12 month acheivement, hope they've prepared a party in that penthouse for you :)

well done :)


And about time too! I've been waiting for this post, its been like waiting for a pan of water to boil! I didn't realise that when I joined a no smoking forum I would also discover you could admire and enjoy the company of others too. I've stumbled across some pretty special people here, a true bonus to my main goal of quitting smoking and you sit high in that group. Its been a joy quitting with you and I offer true congratulations, a cyber handshake and a sneaky cyber kiss (on the cheek of course!) Well done mate. Long may it continue. X x



Hey Deke like Fiona I to have been waiting to send my congratulations to you on your 1 year post.... U surely do deserve it, Welcome to the Penthouse,Stay strong, heres to year two and the rest of our lives "smokefree"...... Kaz x :p


Hi Deke :D

Welcome to the Penthouse

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


Sorry I missed this yesterday, well done you, I hope they all make you feel very welcome in the penthouse.


Well done Deke , a fantastic achievement and you rightly earn your place in the penthouse.:D

Enjoy year 2 of being smoke free.

Regards and best wishes


20 a day for 30 years :eek:

quit 28th april 09

3 months patches

almost 8 months C.T


Wow, thanks everyone for your lovely words

. It really has been the difference that has made this quit successful for me.

Cav - I hope i'm not too smug, because I won't let complacency creep in.

Juster - You're in to the penthouse too in a couple of days. Hang on! It's tomorrow, isn't it. I'll be making some room for you!

David - thanks for all the smiles along the way.

Gaynor - good to see you doing so well. I'll keep a seat for you.:D

Jackie and Pol - thanks for your kind words.

bman - Over the moon, yes - sick as a parrot, no way!

Jase - I am pleased indeed - and you should be too.

Fiona - Those are lovely things you have said, thanks so much. (And thanks for the cyber kiss too!)

Kaz - thanks for the welcome. you have led the way for me. And many other too.

Marge - Thanks for the glass of champagne. I've been looking forward to that!

Bev, bladeflyer and Chrissie - thanks so much for your encouragement. It has been so important to me.

Caroline, Quit Buddy - I don't doubt you either. I know you have a few weeks still to go, but they will fly by. Looking forward to you getting in here too.

I made the point about this being the start of year 2 because that's the most important thing to me - another year started. I am looking forward to starting year 3. And now it doesn't seem so far off as it once did.

Choose not to smoke - repeat that choice every day - it worked for me, it will work for you too.


Choose not to smoke - repeat that choice every day - it worked for me, it will work for you too.

am loving that tip... thankyou :)


What a great achievement i cant wait to reach that goal



Bit late, Deke, sorry! Congrats on making your one year! It's been a good journey, hasn't it?!! Been fun to have had you crazy mad march quitters right behind us febers! Well done, Deke, and I'll see ya here next year for our 2 year celebration, okay! xxxx bella


Hi snow, and thank you.

am loving that tip... thankyou :)

As for the tip, I'm glad it strikes a chord for you, but in all honesty I have seen it quoted here many times. (I believe Stuart was the first that made me sit up and notice that one.) It is good though, and reminds that though things may be tough at times, it really does come down to the simple act of making a choice.

Hi BB. Many thanks. And yes it's been fun. Oh, and just don't be late for the 2 year anniversary! Or the 3 year ... or the 4 year ...and so on and so on....:D



Don't call me that!!! Makes me feel a bit funny.... :o;):rolleyes: Cheers! bella


Whooopeeeeee!!!! well done Deke x

I'm 1 year today x feels great eh?? :D


Don't call me that!!! Makes me feel a bit funny.... Sorry 'bout that Bella - mental note made.:o

Whooopeeeeee!!!! well done Deke x

I'm 1 year today x feels great eh?? :D Thanks slinky, and yes, it does feel great - So good to see you, and so many other MMQs in the penthouse.


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