No Smoking Day
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Day 7

Wow feel so good for not smoking yesterday. I do have quite a lot of will power.

Today me and my boyfriend, he also quit the same time as me :) went to the pub to watch the footy. We left after 10 mins. It was to hot and smelt! Never noticed it before :) it's our regular pub too lol

I wonder if we will go out as often now as we are non smokers. Certaintly save some money

Today though has been easy, hardly any cravings and feel really good and positive about things :)

hope everyone else is doing just as good

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Wow great progress. :p


Your sounding very positive!

Well done a whole week without smoking!

Completley agree with smelly pubs..kinda puts you off, think of the money your saving though :D


Well done pandaspot.

Enjoy your quit :D

Gaynor x


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