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Hi to all my friends

How are you all doing,sorry i havent been on for a while as lots of things going on at home at the minute, i am still a none smokes soon be smoke free for 5 months, i dont no how i have got threw the past few weeks without having a fag but i have and im ok.

Just want to ask you all lately i am struggleing to looses weight, i am allways hungry and allways eating, the weight is slowly going up and its geting me down a bit :(

How are you all geting on with the eating?? has anyone else going threw the same this late on in there quit??

Would love to hear any advice

Thanks to you all for your kind e-mails it really does help me Thanks


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Hi Kay,

Well done on your quit :D

I can't really help on the weight issue as I am only 3 weeks into my quit. I have been wanting to lose weight over the last 18 months or so but have really struggled. I find it's a bit like stopping smoking - it just clicks one day & off you go ;) Apart from making all the healthy food choices, I am sure you know what to do, hopefully some spring weather will spur you (and me) into action :)

Gaynor xx


Hi Kay... It is so great to hear from you and to know you have remained so strong :D

I'm also having some issues with weight and have been only in the past 6 to 8 weeks but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the quit.

I have started a diet but I would recommend Weight Watchers as it is fairly easy to follow and allows all food, as well as giving you an incentive (the weight in once a week). The only reason why I'm not doing it is that I can't make the dates, but overall, we women, know all about food, ingredients, calories and what is healthy or not, so I'm doing it alone with a target weight that is feasible and comfortable.

Once again, I'm really glad you're back ;)


Hi Kay

So pleased to hear you are ok and still quit with everything thts gone on in your life lately, well done lady I am proud of you.

Yes Kay I am struggling with weight and appetite, I have never been so hungry in my life, I knew nicotine was an appetite depressant but never realised how many times I would have a fag and coffee and now want cake, biscuit etc with coffee !!!!!!!!!!

I am back to slimming world as I gained 18lbs during the 4 months, have lost a few pounds but really hard work, think metabolism must have changed. Have read and heard that it takes 6 months for all the changes to take place so perhaps things will settle down for us then, we can but hope.

At the moment I am struggling with really heavy cold and feeling cr.. and want to eat, but am sticking to fruit and yogurt instead of the carbs that I crave.

Stay strong let me know how you get on sweetheart.

Love Dee

ps. my cancer check at hospital last week was clear so I do have something to feel a whole lot better about even if I am fat.:)


Good to hear your still going strong Kay. As for the weight, I think (hope) that after conquering the fags we can tackle anything - just a matter of deciding to.


Kay just wanted to say Im so very very pleased to see your still quit hunny. Im so very proud of you love and I bet you daughter is too. You are one very strong lady sending you lots of PMa.xxxxxx


Kay I started walking 4 days ago. been doing 3 times around the track at the city park which is 2 1/2 mile sorry don't know the conversion to your measurements. I'm listening to my ipod and have my favorite music. Took a lot to get me going but I'm doing and am starting to look forward to walks. Just a suggestion, works for me. right now its great weather here too. Good luck!:D


Love Dee

ps. my cancer check at hospital last week was clear so I do have something to feel a whole lot better about even if I am fat.:)

Dee ... that is amazing and should be the total inspiration to continue with your quit. xx


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