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My Day 6 and my corner turned!

Well it's my Day 6 today, and things seem to have turned a corner. Yesterday and today, I've stopped using the patches and not using the inhilator or anything so it's just CT. It's been good though, today far more so than yesterday!! Sleep has been better although I do seem to be waking early and not needing as much sleep!!! Feeling really positive today so fingers crossed. Hope everyone else is getting on well and that all of you who were out last night managed to resist!

M xxx

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me too day 6 ..........ace !

kept to the same wk end routine apart from going out for a smoke, which was if your nosey up at 6am did the ironing washing, had soup for dinner then chilled out on the sofa watching shameless :) around 3pm had a apple and 2 rivita plus me milky coffee instead of smoking my heeeeed off .....tada :D

oh and the only bad thing ive found so far about quitting is my taste has come back, good thing i hear you say..... no cos the wife is crap at cooking it tastes bad........really bad !

oh well cant win em all

feeling better avery day.


30-50 roll ups a day no filter


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