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No Smoking Day
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what a nightmare!!

Had a really stressful night last night - hubby came in from work at 7 and discovered his wallet was missing. He was sure he had left it at work but I insisted he call the bank and cancel his cards. Lucky he did as they advised that he had called them at 4 and ordered a new card?!! No I didn't says he - yes you did says they - HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN???!!!!! says I in a no fags fuelled rage. HOW COULD THEY HAVE GOT THROUGH THE SECURITY???!!!

Oh says husband - I had ID in my wallet with my DOB, address, national ins number etc - YOU ********* IDIOT!!!!!! says I.:mad:

Well, but this time I could have smoked 20 fags on the trot - but I didnt!! :)Found the number for the local police, reported the incident, cancelled the new card with the bank and puffed away on my inhalator like a good 'un, but didn't give in!

Now just hope that he isnt 'cloned' and we find that someone has taken out 20 odd loans in his name - mind you with our credit rating it's highly unlikely:D

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We are being tested i tell you! :mad:

Weldone for staying strong. :)


Oh Vic what a nightmare!

But lets look on the bright side, you didn't smoke :D :D

A HUGE WELL DONE. Stressful situations often lead us to fail, because we use it as an excuse, you didn't and you should feel really proud.

Hope the weekend gets better for you.


Thanks for the support guys - feeling very pleased with myself this morning:)

Here's to a great weekend all:D


Morning Vic.

Blimey hun you done so well!!! WELL DONE!!!!

You should be pleased with yourself... let that buzz stay with you.

have a good weekend



hope you called him a knob :) the first few days need to be stress free tell him. ps. what was the pin number again ? im in need of a holiday :D


Vic I dont think having a cig would have made you feel any better, in fact I think you dealt with it brilliantly, so pat yourself on the back and say well done me if I can get through that and still not smoke then I am great, bring it on LOL well done and have a happy quit.


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