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My day 3


Well this is my Day 3 and it's not been as bad as I was expecting, which is a huge relief! To be honest, I actually found Day 2 harder than today? I'm noticing a difference in my sense of smell and tasta and also feel a big difference in how wheezy my chest is in the mornings!! It's far easier to take deep breaths when I wake up now!

Anyway, I hope all of you that are on Day 3 (or any day for that matter) are having good days and feeling strong! :)

M xx

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Hi M, glad it is easier today, I found the first a bit of my quit a rollercoaster ride, but it does settle down.

Smell and taste improving fantastic, breathing easier wonderful. All these things will help you keep your quit strong.

Well done on day 3 keep it up.

Totally agree! Day 2 afternoon was awful for me but today is much better :D

On several occasions I have smelt smoke but been unable to see where or who is smoking. I feel like a shark that has just sensed blood in the water 3 miles away LOL!

Only problem with taste improving is that I want to eat ....constantly :p

Did you think about smoking first thing this morning? I actually had been up for a good 10 mins before I even thought about it - normally I woud have been rolling a fag first thing before putting the kettle on :eek:

Little by little it's loosing its hold...:D

Thanks! Yes, I'm exactly the same! I can't seem to stop eating!! Things just taste so good!! Really enjoying different smells! Not necessarily new ones! Just smelling clearly! Like perfume, fresh air, coffee, my hair (that doesn't smell like an ashtray anymore!) I'm already starting to ask myself why I didn't do this years ago :o

Anyway, as much as I am thrilled that today has been good, I'm a little nervous that there will be some kind of hit-back and that tomorrow will be hell! :(

I got the inhalator yesterday, thinking it would make a huge difference, but I've actually barely used it!! I like to hold it when I'm driving (with the window open!! Old habit's die hard!!) but I don't puff on it :confused: I think it might be more of a psychological comfort of having something in your hand? I almost feel like I don't want to be puffing on it and getting more nicotine? Does that make sense? I'm on the patches, so there is still an element of nicotine getting into my system. But does that mean I'm cheating?! I'm getting to a stage of so many questions now....... :eek:

Hope everyone's day is passing quickly and is bearable!

M xx

Your not cheating at all, your using a method as it's intended. If it helps get you through the first few days and lets you tackle the mental side of the quit process successfully, then all power to your patches.

Whatever it takes! Hang in there and keep up the ace effort.

Thanks, so am I best to only use them for the first few days or should I stick to the instructions on the packet and use the 21mg patches for 6 weeks, then the weaker ones for 4 weeks, then the weakest ones for 4 weeks? Or am I better to just say use the 21mg ones for a week then drop them? :confused:

M x

I went cold turkey so I can't advise you on what to do, apart from to say follow the schedule that is recommended, unless you really feel you want to cut them out faster and you can cut them out.

Hi M.

Day 3 for me today . I started monday with a patch and put another on yesterday after a while i took it off as i get a dry mouth and headaches with them . so iv been without a patch for 24 hrs :eek: Now i may put one back on if i cant cope , and i dont see that as cheating .Hang on in there and try to stay strong .

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