nearly 1pm and still no patch

I'm daring myself at the moment in a bid for preparing for tomorrow's No Smoking day. I'm trying to see just how long I can go without the need for nicotine. And at the same time I'm back on my Slimming World plan as I gained 2lbs in the past two weeks - the first gain in 12 months! So am being strict on myself now rather than letting it get out of control.

So goodbye chocolate caramel bunnies, and cadbury's clusters - I will see you sometime soon when I can learn to control myself :rolleyes:

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  • Well done you!

    Braver than me!! Technically I am not on Nicotine, but tried 2 days without the champix, and turned into a woman possessed, so back on it i go!

    By my reckoning you should be in Month 2 room tomorrow as you have completed 1 month today!



  • No patch!!!

    trikeschick - I'm curious, have you really noticed not having a patch on? Are you still on the big step 1 patches or lower dose?

    Starting step 2 tomorrow, but really have no idea what, if anything to expect from the drop. All has been pretty calm with my quit so far.


  • well it's after 7pm and still no patch and apart from shouting at the family (well they deserved it) I'm okay.

    Alek - I was on step 1 and have used them religously for a month and still had a couple of weeks to go. But I haven't noticed any difference to be honest. I did stop them a couple of weeks ago and it was really stressy but hey maybe I'm a more mature ex-smoker now?

    BeccyBoo - a promotion to month 2 room, whoo hoo! See ya in there.

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