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I think that's the expression.

Had a row with OH last night - something and nothing and over now - but my "instinct" of course is to reach for the fags. I didn't, but it felt like every nerve ending in my body was craving for a smoke. I didn't sleep very well and feel like sh1t this morning. I am really, really struggling not to smoke.

I am really p!ssed about it because I thought I was doing so well. :mad:

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Morning Cando, sorry about the row, but in terms of you thinking you were doing well, look at you, you didn't smoke, i'd say that is doing pretty well.

All these things are testing, but you've passed the test so enjoy the feeling, you've resisted a MASSIVE crave and although you're still feeling some of the aftershocks, you've done extremely well.

Be proud of yourself and stay positive.

Well done you,

Lorraine :)


Hey cando....

I was just gonna send you a message to see how week 3 had gone - i start tomorrow.

You made the important point yourself and although you thought about it - you didn't do it. Just another hicup that you've delt with that will be easier next time.

I had a good chat with Mrs Orlov at the weekend in the hope of avoiding a similar situation whilst I'm still feeling a little vunerable - I know she'll always do her best for me, although having never smoked she'll never fully understand.

As you said, something and nothing, over now and you didn't smoke. You are doing well!

Well done and I'll catch you up soon.....


Hey candowilldo - glad you made it through that one. I had a couple of really trying times over the last week as well. But we made it!


Stay Strong....

U are doing very well, U will have many testers along the way, and u have coped with this one, and will cope much easier with the next one (lol) Kaz :p


Thanks for the replies and support. I was really feeling terrible this morning and would have smoked if I had had a cigarette but wouldn't buy 10. Nobody at work would give me one because they all know I have stopped.

OH has been really good and supportive generally, just one of those things.

I'm really glad I am not an alcoholic or heroin addict - if you see what I mean.

But flipping heck - I DIDN'T SMOKE. :D


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