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almost a week but struggleing!

Well I should be really happy that I am almost at the one week milestone and I am in a way but I have found it getting harder rather than easier, I find it's the evenings are when I get the most craves but then I used to smoke more in the morning, so that don't make a lot of sence *lol* I am finding myself missing it but not missing the smell or the other terrible effects smoking has on me! Just missing take 5 minutes sitting on my own in the garden enjoying a cigarette, Think I am having a negative day today! But I will keep going the feelings will pass.:mad:

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Hi Kerry :)

Sorry you're finding it tough at the moment hun

Evenings can be a bit toughe beginning and I think it's because all day you're busy and can push the demon away but a night when you would relax it's a bit more difficult to do in the early days of a quit

Just keep going and soon it will start getting alittle easier for you

Love and Hugs

Marg xx


take 5 mins

if your missing your 5 mins in the garden, im not saying go smoke lol, but go and have the 5 mins and sit in the garden, sit there taking deep breath's feeling how good the air is, take a glass of water sip that too, when you have had your 5 mins fresh air you can say to yourself ohhhhhh yes i faced the demon head on and won that one, next time it will be much easier. well done one 1 week over into week 2 now xx


Thanks Marg :)

I remember the first time I quit for a year and it was terrible from that first hour without a cigarette but it did get easier but this times its all so back to front *lol* I have been on holiday all week so should be easier next week, I work from 9am to 6pm so I will be busy all next week. I know I am doing the right thing but I just miss it more than crave it.



Hi Kerry

On same day as you and I've found last night and this afternoon tricky. Maybe boredom with being the weekend but I've tried to keep busy. Been spring cleaning the smokey smells out of the house!

I just miss it too rather than crave, feel at a loose end sometimes. Lets hope next week will be better when we're busy at work?

Let's keep going though, it's worth it!

Catherine :D


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