Angry with myself

Hi All

I am so angry with my self...I am now on day 16...but have had a very stressfull morning...and really wanted a fag...but did not have really pleased about that...

The only thing is...I have not had a lozenger for 2 days...and was doing ok...but today ended up having one..I could kick I was really trying not too have them any more...

Anyways...hope ur all ok and doing well...

49yrs of age

smoked 25 to 30 a day for 36 yrs

quit date, 16th feb, 2010

lozengers, will power, and this formum

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  • Hi Lindlou,

    Please don't beat yourself up for having a lozenge. A fag it was NOT & that's what counts. I am still using my lozenges ( only on day 11) & will only come off them when I am ready to so your way ahead of me if your trying to come off them now.

    You keep strong, remember a fag will not make the situation any better & if a lozenge helps you to saty quit then so be it :D

    gaynor xx

  • First thing i did with your post was check when you quit .. and lookng at the forum you've posted in here its week 3, (so what? you might think?) well for some folk.. well. no.. many folk, week 3 can be a right proper challenging week and you may well be discovering this yourself.

    Don't be so hard on yourself for having a nicotine lozenge right now, you have indeed come far in your quit but on a grander scale you are still very early on as quits go, so if you truly needed a lozenge to stop you reaching for a smoke then you have done totally the right thing.

    You had a lozenge? so what!!! it wasn't a cigarette and that is the important difference. You didn't smoke.

    but anyway, i looked at your post, saw week 3, and also i presume you were on DAY 3 without touching a lozenge.. notice the number 3 there? ok.. check in my signature now and read the linky for 'terrible 3's' suddenly you won't feel so down on yourself for using that lozenge.

    You're doing great. Please be proud of yourself rather than kick yourself, i think you're a trooper !!!

  • Don't be so hard on yourself lindylou, as others have said it wasn't a fag and if that lozenger helped you not smoke well that's good isn'it it? Perhaps you came off them too soon or too quickly?

    Well done you for NOT smoking.


  • Thanks everyone...I think I am trying to get rid of the nicotine too quickly...maybe thats the prob..

    I really dont know how some people do it cold turkey...they need a medal in my am not strong enough for that...

    49yrs of age

    smoked 25 to 30 a day for 36 yrs

    quit date, 16th feb, 2010

    lozengers, will power, and this formum

  • Hi lindy

    dont rush it coming off nrt i did that and not long after back on the ciggies so stick with it and you'l get there you've seem to have a good positive attitude :D

  • But you didn't smoke....

    That's the main thing.

    You got through it this time and you will again - don't worry about having a lozenge - 1 in 2 days is better than 2 or more in 1 day!!!!

    Baby steps and all that!!!!!

    You are strong not to smoke, so remember that, and don't let one little lozenge put you off!!!!!

    Keep up the brilliant work!!!


  • Thanks all...

    On my second lozenger of the think I am trying to do it all too beccyboo, steps...after all rome was not built in a day...

    49yrs of age

    smoked 25 to 30 a day for 36 yrs

    quit date, 16th feb, 2010

    lozengers, will power, and this formum

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