No Smoking Day
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15th day

Hi All

Hope all is well with you all...Well, here I am at the start of week 15th day, and I am over the moon...

Also this is my second day without a lozenger, so far...but to be honest with you they are allways with me...just in case...but hopefully with time I wont need them...

I know my battle with coming off the fags is no where near over...but I am slowly getting there...and instead of me taking it an hour at a time, I am actually starting to take it a day at a time...if that makes sense...

49yrs of age

smoked 25 to 30 a day for 36 yrs

quit date, 16th feb, 2010

lozengers, will power, and this formum

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Thats brill and as you say you are now in control not the other way round

a few more days and you will be at a month and then you will be shouting from the roof tops LOL keep going it gets better and better xx


Well done Lindy 15 days is great


15 Days is an achievement to be proud of!

Big pat on the back to you



well done

Well done Lindylou - you are like my mentor (not sure that's the right word), being only a day behind you. ;)


Well done Lindy and cand

Well done both on your first 2 weeks thats great work. keep up the good work.xxxxx


Nice work Lindy:D

Keep it up your on a roll:cool:


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