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6 months on

Hi everyone, yes it is my 6 months today :D

Have been thinking about what I want to say, I do remember that at various stages of my quit I have looked ahead to see what people further along were feeling, and I think that can be really helpful.

The first week I remember having to choose not to smoke every hour, sometimes every min, I went to bed early just so I would not be tempted to go to the shop and buy some. I shouted at just about everybody in my life, OH, kids, mum and dad etc. It was pretty awful, but I knew that if I gave in then I would never have the strength to do it again.

In those early days this forum helped me realise that everything I was feeling was normal, that it would pass and that it would be worth it. I don't know if I really believed all that but the more I read it the more real it all became.

As the weeks went by I began to realise I was doing it and it didn't seem to be that hard anymore, don't get me wrong there were days when I could have smoked, wanted to smoke, but those days were getting fewer and the habit was been broken day by day.

Then without noticing almost, I was counting in months, gone had the times when I was counting hours since I stopped, some day I even forgot where I was on the quitting ladder. This to me seemed amazing, the first few days/weeks I could have told you how many hours it was since I last had a fag and now I couldn't remember how many weeks it had been.

Now here I am 6 months into my quit, how do I feel now? Well most days are good, I don't really crave them anymore. I have even had a day or two when they have not entered my head at all (very good days indeed). When I have a drink (or 3) that can sometimes still be difficult, not hard, just difficult.

I had my blip as you are aware, this if anything strengthed my quit, (do not try this at home). It made me aware that although I was no longer smoking I was still an addict and will remain so for the rest of my life, and if I wish to remain a non smoker the only way for me to do that is to choose not smoke.

and today I choose not to smoke, please all of you join me in choosing not to smoke today, and when you wake in the morning choose not to smoke again, and together we will all reach the Penthouse.

Thanks for reading and hope at least some of this makes sense!

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Well Done Bev

Congratulations Bev on 6 months .....halfway to the penthouse hun.:D

Dont worry about the blip fell off your bike and got straight back on again with more determination.

Keep on quiiting and enjoy the clean , healthy , fresh air :)

Huggs Trev

Quit 28th april 09

20 a day for 30 years :eek:

3 months patches

7 months 2 days cool chicken



Hello - and big congratulations. Was looking for this a day or two after my 6 month date.

It's good to have people around at the same time in their quit. I can relate to so much of what you've said - especially the bit about the time not thinking about fags - that is a great time.

Blip-schmlip - here you are on your way to 7 months. See ya there!!


Well done Bev, 6 months sorted is brilliant. Yes, hearing the strories many times over does reinforce the belief.

Best wishes.



Congrats on your 6 month/half year milestone.

And isn't it lovely to finally see some sun shining outside!!!.. c'mon spring!! you know you wanna!!!

well done bev.


Hi Bev

It all makes perfect sense and glad you're back to full strength so Ive got someone to chase to the penthouse. And its always good to know what to expect on my journey to complete freedom so keep posting. Congratulations on your journey so far.....onwards and upwards


hey Bevs - congratulations ma lady. You really done it! really pleased for you :D


Congrats to you Bev for a job well done:D


Congrats Bev girl! Very proud of you. So many come through here and I just knew you were one of the ones who would make it. Well done, you've done good, and all that. See ya on your one year thread okay! xxx

Still my fav kitteh pic LOL...... just for you my friend!

Cheers to your next 6 months! xxxxbella


Congratulations on your 6 months Bev.

A lovely positive post as well, thank you :)

Gaynor x


Hi Bev :D on 6 months smoke free

I know how hard this was for you at times but you've made it to the half year milestone


Marg xx


Well done Bev!!!!

You've done a blinder and should be ever so proud!!!!



Really well done Bev, 6 months is excellent, don't stop (or rather start) now.

Congrats and once again well done.



Right. Back to the applause. Bloody well done to you bev. There have been some hard times but here you are! Well done to you, i'd send you a cat but they make my legs itch !xx


Thank you one and all. As I have said before, and will undoubtedly say again, I could not have done it with the people on this forum.

My mum goes into hospital today, for her second op and of course this makes my life quite stressful but I have not once thought that having a fag would be a good idea, this is real progress, and it feels really good.

For any newbies that might read this, the road may be hard at times but it is doable and it is so worth it, and if I can, you can.


Good luck to your mum for today Bev xxxx


All the best from me to with regards your Mum, hope all goes well x

Great progress indeed to be going through the worry of your Mum and having no thoughts of smoking cross your mind.

Stay strong x


Once again thanks for all your support.

Mum had her op yesterday, it is her second one, she had the first just before xmas. She is fine and we are hoping that this is an end to it now. I am off into visit her with my dad this afternoon, big bunch of flowers in hand.

If I can deal with my mum having two op's for cancer in a few months and not turn to the fags then it shows it is possible, not easy perhaps, but possible. So if you face a difficult time at any stage during your quit (and the chances are you will) just remember that having a fag will not make the situation go away or even make the situation better, in fact it will make it worse because not only will you have the original problems you will now have the added problem of being a smoker again.

Thanks to all the people who pm'd me their support.

So hopefully by Monday I will be back to normal, the flu I had is gone, mum will be at home and recovering, if I have missed anything by not been around much recently can someone fill me in :rolleyes:


No....everything is spiffing :rolleyes:

Looking, and more importantly, sounding good there Bev.

Keep on keepin' on,



Just logged on before bed and see chaos before me.

For those who care, my mum is doing really well. She is out of hospital now and will continue to get better at home.

If I remember rightly this place is about not smoking, and I am not smoking. I will spend sometime tomorrow reading posts, and replying where I think I need to.

To all of you, and I mean all of you, the only thing I ask is that today you choose not smoke and tomorrow you remember why you still post here, and if can't think of a good, positive reason to keep posting, then don't.


Hey Bev, good news about your mum.

Here's a positive post (it)


Well said Bev, glad to hear your Mothers doing better. Mom's are one of the best things in the Universe. I smile and cry at the sme time when I think of mine:o


Glad alls good Bev.

Keep being quit, there is no real reason to start again, just the junky mind looking for an excuse.



Hey Girlie

Glad your mums ok. Glad you are still quit! Love fi xxxx


Hey Bev,

Just wanted to say congratulations on your 6 month milestone and I am really pleased your Mum is doing well.

This post has been a real inspiration to me and your words about not giving up on your quit during hard times really struck a chord so thank you.

Can't wait to hit six months :)



Hey Bev

Congraulations on your 6 month milestone!!

I wish your mum a full and speedy recovery.

Well done you Bev and yes your post meade total sense :)

Keep up the great work Bev :D

Tinks xx


Congratulations on your 6 months quit Bev, can totally relate to the non-smoking journey.

All the best to you and I wish your mum and very speedy recovery.

Lorraine :)


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