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First Post - Day 7

Hey People,

I hope everyone's doing ok today?

This is my first post here and to be honsest I don't really do the whole forum thing at all, or Facebook, twitter, etc. as I spend far too long at computer screens all day at work...

So why today? Don't know really, I just first visited this site yesterday at work and thought I should join incase I need some support, and if I don't then maybe I can offer something to someone else!

This is my first (only!) quit and I'm on day 7 using patches. Although I'd love a smoke right now, I have to say that is hasn't been too tricky so far and I'm feeling confident and relatively relaxed. I'm still on the high dose patches so I guess that's why I haven't been too stressed as yet.

Anyway, I really should be working now, but I'll try and pop on through the day.

Stick with it!!

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Nice to meet you and I am gklad your quit is going well.


Well done, great decision. You will find it very useful to use the forum for backup as there are loads of people here who are going throught the same as you and many others at different levels, this will give you a good insight as to what happens to your mind and body as you heal.




Thanks, wish I'd signed up here on day 1 now.

Not sure the boss would approve of me posting on forums from work, but at least I'm saving him the time I used to be outside smoking.



Hi and welcome to the forum. Sounds like your quit is going really well, I would recommend you do as much reading on the forum as possible, you will find some really helpful links.

Glad to have you on board, post often and read lots.


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