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Bad weekend and now a bad day

Hi all

Well I guess I should be celebrating having reached 2 months today but I could not feel further from celebrating if I tried!

I have had a rubbish weekend with lots of stress and have wanted a cigarette all weekend. Granted, I have gone down to step 2 in my patches which may be why I feel so bad but if that is the case then I don't stand a chance when I finish on the patches! Today I woke up really miserable and down and came so close to buying some cigarettes! What has happened to me?

I am feeling really run down at the moment with my wedding just 10 weeks away, trying to not put any weight on, stop smoking and other general crap I am feeling super stressed!

Any help or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Hel, cravings come and go. Buy some Chupa Chup lollies! Works for me...helpfull advice? :rolleyes:

Seriously, stress with the wedding as well would pile it on BUT smoking adds stress or so ACarr reckons ( i believe him ). Cravings affect people in diff ways, maybe chug-a-lug water, go for a stroll, just do something you like, i whack the headphones on and blast some JLHooker or watch a dvd! Day at a time-day at a time-day at a time. Nicobeelzebub will not win! :mad:

Day 42 for me.

Good luck and will power quitters! Taste that fresh air, smell your sweet clothes hair car and home! "I love the smell of freshness in the morning":D


Hel, stop and take a nice deep breath. Instead of looking at the stress etc think of the lovely day you are going to have and how you will not be smelling of cigarettes, what a great day that is going to be and this is a great one too. To help you could read some of the links in my signature, the one about symptoms would be useful for you right now.

Best wishes.



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