Day 45

Hello all Month 2'ers! (and to all those who are peeking in!)

Day 45 for me here. This week has gone so fast its untrue! Have I had any cravings this week? If I have, I cant remember them at all! Ah yes, there was a brief moment where I thought of having one when I was away for my fiancees birthday last weekend - but something caught my eye (I should say her but I dont think it was!!) and the craving was gone!

I had a few beers after playing football last night - anyone who is either thinking about quitting the amazing difference I have found in my fitness (dont get me wrong I have literally put a few pounds on in places that dont seem to suit a slim guy!) is a massive reason to quit. More energy, quicker recovery time. My legs and body used to ache after (and the next day) after playing footy solidy for an hour or so - but now I dont feel a thing, I really dont. Must because I have more oxygen in my body or something - I dont know. But I can really feel the difference - and it was something I didnt really think about before, which sounds a bit mad - the health difference in quitting. It was more of quitting is good because smoking is bad - not quitting is good because you'll feel the health benefits. Back to my original point - someone offered me a cig (not knowing I'd given up) and I said without even thinking no I dont smoke. And that was that.

WOW! I didnt even think about what I had said.

ROLL ON the next 45 days.

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE. WHAT AN AMAZING decision we have, will, or are thinking about making.


Right rant over,

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  • Hi Paul :D

    45 days smoke free that's great and I'm so pleased you're feeling the benefits

    Isn't it a great moment when without even thinking you say no thanks I don't smoke


    Marg xx

  • How nice that sounds, "I don't smoke", got a definite ring to it, well done you.


  • Thank you for the nice replies.

    I'm so adamant that I'm going to succeed in this its untrue. And I think the willpower bit can often be the part that can be the hardest and, obviously, the part that can trip people up.

    I keep saying to myself that at the end of the day its ONLY ME that can put a cig to my mouth and smoke it; no one else. No else is to blame if I fail apart from me. This is my quit. I'm responsible for my actions. I'm responsible if I fail.

    Day 46 or is it 47 now? I dunno, but I'm getting there.

    Thanks everyone - even though I may not thank you, I read alot on here, and it really does make a difference.



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