Day 10

Day 10

I cant say that I feel great cause I dont..but I do feel a bit better than thats something...

As the days are mounting up...I feel, that I have more of a posotive attitude, towards not smoking again...I am just hoping that I dont become to dependant on the I am trying not to have too many during the day...

Over and out..xx

smoked for 36yrs, since the age of 14

25 to 30 a day

quit date 16 feb 10...lozengers, will power and this forum

determined I do not want another fag.

3 Replies

  • Well done on 10 days smoke free. It's a real acheivement. Keep going!:)

  • Ten days sorted is brilliant. Keep posting, sharing and reading when you can it will all help to keep you stopped.


  • Hi Lindy :D

    WO 10 days smoke free big hug on it's way

    I'm so pleased you feel better toaday hun


    Marg xx

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