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Day four

I just want to put a little post in this thread as it is for day 4 to 7 and I have just completed day 4 and so I am feeling quite proud!

My head still feels a little mushy, but otherwise all is ok. Ive had far less cravings today. But did get bad ones a couple of hours ago. Im glad there were no cigs around or I may have failed!! My partner is still smoking so I will have to ask him to make sure the cigs are well hidden until he quits, lol!

Other than this forum, which is brilliant, an important part of quitting I would say is actually telling people. It has helped keep me strong so that I don't let down the people who have supported me. I dont want to go back on my word!

Stay strong everyone. xx

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Hang in there, MissMary,

Brain does tend to feel a bit mushy at first but that clears up. Each time you resist having a cig just strengthen your resolve to quit and sets up a new habit to overthrow the stupid thoughts that smoking was ever good for you.

It's good that your OH is having some consideration for you and not leaving cigs around.

Get into reading into some of the links and educate yourself as to what is happening to you and various other issues. Jase seems to have good signposted links in his sig. So have a look around for his posts and dig in girl.



its like walking through a swamp some days, and it seems that time has even slowed down alot as you do seem to watch the clock alot too.

you keep chalking up them days, while you remain free, you will be in a constant state of repair.. and that includes the mind too. It won't always be so difficult, but you have to work at it to get there.

You seem to be doing this just fine though, but yeah tell your OH to be considerate, especially now and if he can smoke outside thats so much the better.

Good luck, hope you succeed!


Hi Miss mary,

Fellow cold-turkery-er! Well done so far. I too have a partner who still smokes, in the house. I can actually say that I have now got to the point that I don't mind. I have even rolled him a few cigarettes in the car without feeling the urge! Hang on in there mary, soon the only thing that will cross your mind is how much he smells! ;)

I was spaced out for days and I have to say the first week is the hardest by far. You're doing great keep telling everyone and they will keep checking up on your progress. You won't want to let them or yourself down. Try running or something that you would not normally do to change your routine a bit.

Good luck - remember to treat yourself regulary at each milestone

Jen x


MissMary, don't underestimate how strong you are, resisting the cravings whilst the OH is still smoking is absolutely fantastic.

You are right to ask him to make sure there are none available to you, you don't need those sort of temptations. You are doing great, well done.

Lorraine :)


Hi again everyone. Thankyou so much for your replies and your support! The mushy head has improved fact my head is clearer than it has been in months!

However, my new addiction may be food! My weight is fine at the moment but I have been eating so so much, Im afraid to think where it will end. :o But I will worry about that later. One thing at a time!!

Jase, a 'swamp' is a great description! Everything is slower. I have felt like time has stood still - probably because i want to rush to the end result where I am 'cured' and a non-smoker!

Jen well done on your resolve also, good on you for not being tempted. Its a like a game of chicken or something for me. I dont want to send my other half outside - its tooo cold! so I feel as though it is a test to see how far into the kitchen I can go while he smokes. (so far, I got to the door and held my breath! lol)

I have been preaching to him a little bit and telling him quitting facts that I have learned this week, I feel as though I am entitled now I have been quit for 6 whole days. :D

Oh I came across a pack of cigs lying around and still resisted it. I got as far away from them as possible, lol.

Anyway, well done everyone. Stay focused and picture a healthy smoke free future! We are stronger than just a craving!! x


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