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No Smoking Day
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For my Son, For my Health but mostly For me!

Hiya all, I am Anna, 22 SAHM to my Son Rory..

& I'm quitting smoking tomorrow.. have wanted to for a while just not really had the guts to give it a go but now im more adament then ever!

I want to quit for my son.. he doesnt want to see me smoking he's 7 months at the moment, in a few years when he's running around I want to be able to run with him not be out of breath after 5 minutes

For my Health.. on a night I can here myself wheezing it sounds horrible!

For me : I spend loads on cigerettes wasting money coz what are the true benefits of smoking... I want to use this money for better things!

Thanks for reading :D

2 Replies

hi Anna!

Welcome and great reasons :D


Hi Anna,

How's your quit going?

Fab reasons to quit!!

I really hope things are going well.

Becks x :)


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