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I faced it head on

First I would like to thank you all for your support after my sister Julia died, you are all wonderful friends. Although it was a sad occasion it brought us all back together again after losing touch for 19 years. We met all my family again and I even met my great nephews and nieces whom I have never seen. It was as far as funerals go very nice but it was marvelous to meet up with them all again. We are now in touch and we are going to keep in contact so some good has come from sadness.

On Thursday night after we arrived in Accrinton we were in my nephews house. My nephew, his wife and my other sister were all smoking and I was standing next to them and it did not make me want to smoke. At the reception after the funeral I even stood outside the hotel with people smoking and it did not bother me.:eek: One guy when he found out I had stopped pleaded with me to tell him how I did it because he really wanted to stop but doesn't think he can.

That was a big test but I'm proud to say I passed it with flying colours and still not smoking.:cool:

So here I am one week away from completing three months and still going strong.


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no one saw this so I bumped it LOL:D:D



:eek: dunno whats got into folk! :eek:

I think you've done really well to have resisted after you stand outside with some of the family as they smoke. Particularly during such a time as a funeral.

It certainly shows you've turned a corner with your quit, and are doing so very well.

Glad to see you got to meet lots of family, including those you've never met. Hopefully you can keep in touch as families grow apart so easily. pick up the phone.. write.. or heck.. email.. facebook.. anything.. just keep in touch.

families are important.

glad you got through all that jack. good for you.


Sorry Jack, very nearly missed this again - this place gets a little busy at times!

You are one of the most committed quitters I have ever met. You have taken everything life has thrown at you and continued to kick your addiction in to touch when lesser mortals would have crumbled:D

Even in your hardest times, times when you were struggling yourself, you still came on here to help as many people as you could. You have been, and always will be a true inspiration and a shining example of 'how to quit smoking'!

Huge congratulations on your quit!


Jenni xx


Jack I agree with what the others have said, you are truly an inspiration and have helped us all in one way or another, even if we have just read one of your posts but not necessarily replied. Its surprising how one persons post can inspire us sometimes.

Thats great to be at almost three months sweetie, well done you, are we having a party then to celebrate? Speak soon twinny, love and hugs, Vivienne. xxxxxx


You guys have me in tears happy tears, I love you all to bits.:)

Jack xx


Be proud, you have worked hard and deserve it.



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