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Day 7

Day 7 and still smoke free. I find evenings are my easiest time. Probably because I never ever smoked in the living room, always came through to the kitchen for a cig. So now when I'm watching tv in the living room I am usually ok and only get an occasional craving.

I'm going for lots of walks, when the cravings get bad I pop my jacket on and off I go. In fact I'm going to go for another half hour walk shortly. I'm hoping the extra exercise will stop me putting much weight on.

Roll on tomorrow when I will be into my second week.:D

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The walks will not harm you at all. Gives you something to do.. and a little bit of exercise will do you good. Good on you for getting to the end of the first week off the cigs, i wish you success for all the following weeks too.. its an ongoing thing this quitting lark, a bit like sculpting in a way, making a new healthier you.

Take every day as it comes, but shout the success as you go.

Well done.


Hi wendyann

Well done...I'm day 7 tomorrow you I have been going for walks with me dog...and also trying to change my routine of things a bit...

I have found the worst time for me craving is the mornings...late afternoon it gets better, and then evenings not too fussed...I work 6 till 9 at the hospital, and of course cannot smoke...then 10 mins before I'm due to leave I have been poppin a lozenger in, so Im not craving when I leave...

Hoping week 2 will be a lot


Hey Wendyann,

Well done on your quit so far!

Finding something else to do is a really good idea.

Keep up the good work, it does get a bit easier as time ticks along. Look forward to seeing you getting into week 2 :)



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