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week 3 so far

It’s been a funny old week- it really has. The 1st 2 weeks, however hard, the high of the decision/action kind of got me through, then Mon and Tues this week, it just settled into the long hard slog of it, almost as though the novelty of the quit had worn off, and I was getting on with the reality of it all- not brilliant, not awful- just so, still craving a lot, but it not really occurring to me to smoke, I long to have a fag, but when I think about doing it, it’s just as though it’s not really an option anymore. Then, the pain in my gums and tongue kicked in…My goodness, it’s a long old time since I’ve experienced pain that made me cry, but that was it, I found myself not wanting to smoke, but wishing I hadn’t reached a place where I knew it was my time to stop. Ended up at dentist, crying “I don’t care if it’s all part of the journey, it’s agony, make it stop”- work, pain relief and anti biotics later, and it’s kind of manageable. Alongside that kind of hideousness, the benefits are really starting to shine through for me- not planning in fag breaks, not having to leave conversations to sneak off for a puff is just fab. The stains on my fingers are as good as gone, my skin’s clearer, my sleep patterns are levelling off into a new normality- it’s all good. I’ve realised I’ve some planning to do between now and the Summer, I haven’t missed smoking a lot so far, but come the summer, the festivals, sat with mates in the sun, listening to music with a decent pint, I think that’s when the loss part is really going to kick in for me. I need to consider how I’m going to manage that, whilst not over worrying about it, if I think about it too much, between now and then the junkie in me will subconsciously give myself permission to fail. Hope everyone else has had another good, smoke free day Pols xxx

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Pols my lovely...

remember this post and refer to it have it sussed here but you may need to remind yourself as you go down the road.

It is no picnic BUT it is soooo worth it and it does get better and the euphoria does can just take some time.

3 weeks down is great soon to be one month.

Good luck and well done...xx


Hi Polly :D

Week three can be difficult for some of us and you're doing so well in spiye of the pain from your teeth and gums

Sorry you're craving lots but pleased you're not even wanting to smoke, that is a huge step forward hun and also pleased that the sleep thing is settling down for you now

by all means plan for the summer but also remember that when it comes you'll be further along the road and that much stronger and able to cope with the thoughts that may come about smoking

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


Ah, I really like that idea Lorna- hadn't thought about refering back to old posts but that could be really useful- both the positive ones and the really early awful ones where every minute of every day was hell on toast.

Have had a good last day of my 3rd week as have been almost pain free- which makes it so much easier to stay focused and keep rationalising what's junkie thoughts. Feel like I'm on the final straight to the 1 month mark, which will be my longest ever (apart from pregnancy)- and actually every other time i've quit I've still smoked the other, so never really been smoke free since I started. It's exciting, but I sooo need to keep my feet on the groud, if I get carried away, and lose focus I could stumble, and that would be devastating. Hope everyone's doing OK Pols xxx


Don't worry bout summer just yet.. just get through the day you are doing, and keep doing it. You will find you can enjoy yourself in summer just fine without smoking, you'll just be that much further along with being quit that you'll not worry about it.

Get through this week and see how you feel then. Things do improve quit-wise, so hope they do for you soon.



Hey pols

Your doing just good.. i understand totally about the reality kicking in & novelty wearing off!!! its like praise wears thin after a while & people kind of just say well done for the sake of saying it & dont actually realise that your still on an incredible & tough journey.........However this is the rest of your life & mine & everyone else who is quitting smoking whether they be on 1 day 1 week 1 is an ongoing thing most probably for the rest of our lifes...But isnt it good to know that we Choose to say no thanks we dont smoke anymore...

hope ure mouth is better soon xx take care


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