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Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone,

My first post with this stop and I'm into the seventh or eighth week. I'm not sure which thread I should be posting this, so Ive chosen over a month to be safe :)

It isn't my first stop though, I have struggled so much in the past. But this time I didnt go to the doctors or join any NHS stop smoking groups, I didnt seek anyones help, I just quit! I remember putting that last ciggie out on New Years Day, not really knowing that it was going to be my last. I wasn't planning on stopping, but I decided there and then I wasn't going to light up again. It was an instant decision!

Its all really wierd. Of all my previous attempts (More than 8 or 9) at stopping smoking, this has to be the successful one. Previously I have joined NHS, gone to the docs, tried patches, gum, the lot, but nothing worked. I have really stuggled in the past, trying to stop smoking and yet wanting a cig, that was torture, and maybe the timing wasn't right.

I think I've been successful this time because I haven't involved anyone else, I didnt tell anyone either, I just waited for people to notice. They didnt notice for weeks either.

I cant explain this quit at all, except I feel very lucky to feel the way I do. I dont want to dwell on how long ago I stopped, or how much money Ive saved etc, etc, like the way I used to. I just dont want to give the tobacco demon any attention at all. I just stopped, and kicked it out of my life, very much like a relationship that is well and truly over, its finished. I hope this makes sense.

I hardly think about smoking now, I hate the smell of it, and Ive washed all my clothes, bedding, curtains, and I will be redecorating the whole house this coming spring. My friends that do smoke and come to see me have instantly gone outside to smoke, even though I didnt ask them to. And now they are trying to stop smoking too, and thats without any preaching from me. So I am suprised that they have asked my advice about stopping smoking.

I think I have had a very lucky break here, I have stopped without trying you could say. I haven't used any willpower, I simply stopped and haven't had any desire to smoke again. Its really really wierd. All the attempts before I had withdrawal symptoms, and urges to smoke, It was horrible and hard work, and I was a right miserable old sod. But this time its been a breeze, no effort at all, and no withdrawal symptoms at all and I thank someone up there for all this, because I cant explain it, and I know I am so very very lucky.

I just wondered if this has happened to anyone else here? Has anyone just stopped smoking without any nasty withdrawals or using willpower, and never thought about smoking ever again? Because that has happened to me, I think its all really strange but I'm not complaining.

I'm so very thankful for this wierd yet easy stop, and I feel so very lucky and I wanted to share this with everyone here.

Does anyone have any clues to why this stop has been easy, and why I feel this way? All my other attempts have failed so badly.

All the Best



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Hi Stu :D

Welcome back and well done on your 7/8 weeks smoke free already I remember how you struggled before and this is wonderful news so a huge well done and a Big Hug from me

I have no idea why this quit should be so different for you at all but am so pleased that at last you've been able to do it and it's great that some of your friends are also now going to quit and are asking you for help

The only reason I can think of is that the time was right for you this time I really do believe that the time does have to be right for us to stop

I have heard of a very few people that stopped this way but it doesn't happen very often that's for sure

Keep going Stu but having come this far I know you'll be fine this time

Love and Hugs

Marg xx


Hi Marg :)

I think you are right. The timing has been perfect and maybe that is the reason why this stop has been so easy.

It hasn't been without challenges though. Over the last few weeks I've had a rotten time at the dentist, I had gum infections and had to take lots of antibiotics. I had a nasty reaction to them and suffered pretty badly, but never once thought about having a ciggy.

If I can go through tooth extractions, all the drilling, needles (All of these send my nerves way past the red alert) plus all the horrible stomach cramps and pain with the antibiotics, and without the want of a cig, then I think I can go through anything.

I know how tremendously difficult stopping smoking is and I'm not a novice at stopping smoking, I have tried to stop umpteen times, and used every tactic and NRT in the book. But nothing like this has ever happened to me before and I'm certainly not going to let go.

I dont miss the smell, the brown stained fingers, the first ciggie in the morning or the stale smell of tobacco in the house, on my clothes and in my hair etc. I dont miss being treat like a leper at the doctors or dentist and I no longer worry about not being able to smoke in a pub or at the cinema, the list is endless.

After all these years I feel like Ive been released from a prison, free at last and it feels so good. I feel so relieved.:)

I just wish I could bottle whatever it is that has happened to me. I would freely give it to everyone who wants to stop.

All the Best



Hi Stu :D

You've done so well overcoming all those challenges smoke free and not a thought of a fag when normally that would have had you reaching for the comfort of a fag

I can also understand the feeling of being released from a prison even though it was one of our own making of course

It's great to hear that you feel so good and it's omly going to get better of course

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


Well done Stu! I'm on day 34 today woohoo, doing great! My last quit was in November...3weeks and then fail. Its tough but now i know i can do this. *crossedfingeremoti*

I don't know if i should be in month2 now. Its funny but these little things mean a lot to me :D Whatta plank!

Carry on the good work quitters!!!!!!!!


Well done Gooselips !!!!!! 34 days days is fantastic :)

The length of time from stopping isn't a little thing, its very important. It means your journey away from the most evil and deadly substance on the planet is getting further and further each day, and you should be so very proud of yourself.

Keep up the great work Gooselips, every smoker in the world would give anything to be where you are now.:)

All the Best



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