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No Smoking Day
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Feeling the pain

Hi all,

I am on day 9 today and on the patches. However, i feel as if I am sliding off the wagon!!! Felt stressed tonight (noisy neighbours, personal stuff as well) and I was in no doubt a fag would make that particular moment a hell of a lot better. I got thru the mad craving hammering inside my head, but it was a close one. (my smoking sister was also round at the time, but I didnt cadge one). but i was sorely tempted and I fear the worst will happen (one wont hurt etc). Is there no end to this misery??? I think I will have to cut off both hands before I can be sure Ill never smoke again. But then id probably smoke with my feet.

Anyway, havent smoked yet and tomorrows another day. The Brit awards may drive me to smoking yet. Is our music really so awful!!??? Lily Allen, JLS, it gets worse. Still, well-mimed Cheryl. As for the dancing, Michael Jackson will be aspinning....

Thanks to you all for the posts. Good to know I am not alone in this limbo state of numbness.

Keep the faith!!!

rachel, xox

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Sorry things are stressful for you.

Rachel, you haven't slid off the wagon. You didn't give in to the craving and you posted on here. That it is a positive thing. Can't comment on the Brits since I am being subjected to European football.

You can only take every day at a time and you are doing great. Nine days is a great acheivement.


Hi Rachel, Good on you for not giving in to the crave. When your stressed up to the eyeballs its so easy to convince yourself, just one wont hurt

:eek: I know its hard but when you feel like that come on here and rant or do what ever you have to but don't Smoke!

Hang in there, stay strong.




Thanks, Ellie, oh , well i guess the brits is better than the footie!!! No luck.

I appreciate your comments and I will try to see today as a success. After all, I didnt smoke!!!

I will not worry about tomorrow, I think the AA philosophy is so wise. I will not drink today. So i will not smoke today. Forget tomorrow, it wil come no matter what. Just got to keep going. And it is good most of the time, not having to smoke. I conveniently forget that when i am stressed. focus on the good times, ride out the bad without th trusty crutch. I am lucky enough not to be disabled, so why do i need a crutch!?

Thanks again, football should be over now.

Rachel xox



Hey, thank you so much chrissie for your kind words. Almost started to cry as it does all make sense. just sometimes it is soooooo difficult to not revert back to the smoking me that lurks like a devil on my shoulder. But I agree, i did do well (thats why I nearly cried on reading your post) not to grab a cig from my sister. Maybe I am stronger than I think! I just gritted my teeth and literally zoned out so i wouldnt succumb.

So thanks for that, it has really helped reinforce my desire to quit. Hopefully i can help others when I feel stronger. Roll on better days!!!

Rachel xox


Hi :)

Hang in there and continue with your choice of 'not smoking today'.

The two week period was the worst for me. I could easily have murdered the whole world........ several times over. Which actually isn't possible but there you go ;)

By Week 3 things were improving a lot. Some days were actually really quite normal :) and the thoughts of rollies were beginning to be far less intense.

I honestly feel you are almost through the worst and any time now, will feel its falling into place and looking the sensible thing to have done.

Good luck too with reducing and finally coming off the patches.



Every day will get a bit easier honestly! I'm now at three months with this quit ,(bit longer if you count stop start, give up again blipness) and rarely am thinking of them now. Google Junkie thinking if you haven't already seen that, and nicodemons lies....The mental addiction plays a massive part.

But hang in there.....It gets a lot easier very quickly.


well done rachel on your quit. last weekend had the whole family over and they all smoke:eek: i just went for a walk i have told them all next time they come for a vist they will have to go outside to do, i felt awful saying it but after all this is my quit. and it took me ages to get the smell out of my house too:( you have done so well to get where you are now.. i still get craves im on day 18 now yay but they are not as bad as they were. but nic is still there lurking but im ready when he does pop up. keep on the forum when you can it has helped me loads


To cheer you up Rachel...

... and completely off topic, have a look and a chuckle at this blow by blow account of the Brits:


Right on the money - and stopped me thinking about smoking for a good five minutes! :D

Chin up, you're doing great!

Lottie x


Hi everyone

Was reading through the thread and noticed a couple of you had quit the same day as me so decided to join up. I'm on the patches and the inhalator so physically things have been OK. Struggling a bit mentally but some of the links here have helped

all the best



hi al well done on your quit im on the patches too and also inhalter have stopped the gum now feeling a lot better today im on day 18 dont want to go through the 18 days again .... keep postng on the boards on high and low days there is always someone here to help.. its helped me so much



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