Day 34

Hello all quitters!

Day 34 here cold turkey. Not been on here for a couple of days - or is it a week, time does seem to be flying by :)

The last few days have been pretty damned good to be honest. I think I had a thought about smoking once in about 3 days or so - so the 'cravings' are now far far apart.

I seem to stare intently at people who smoke now - when I'm on a bus, walking past them - I'm thinking 'why do people smoke?' 'do they want to quit?' 'do they know how good it feels when you get to day 34?' :) :)

This site has been brilliant in helping me stay focused. When I've had a few of those nasty thoughts I've popped on in here - and it helped me forget.

Thanks everyone, and good to see some "old" faces still going strong. I'll post some more around the forums. Anyone popping in to MONTH 1 for the first time who may be a few days or weeks behind in their quit - THIS IS ACHIEVABLE. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID. Good luck.



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  • Hi Paul

    About the same here day 35 craves for me have reduced to just stressfull situations.

    I know what you mean when you say you are more aware of other people smoking around you and you feel you are maybe judgeing them.

    I was walking along a street the other day in the rush hour and I saw 5 drivers in a row smoking without really looking for them.

    In some ways it is good that we notice we can see what a evil industry it really is 25% men 23% women in uk ( Gov Figs ) smoke.

    Maybe our eyes start working better as well.

    Good luck you are doing well


  • Hi Paul :D

    34 days that's great huge well done on that


    Marg xx

  • Well done, keep going the way you are, good positive feelings coming from you.


  • Day 38 here (I think) kinda lost count which is good as I'm not obsessing about each day so much and just getting on with it. Cold Turkey too. I couldn't bear the long drawn out process of gradually cutting down on nicotine and for me it's really worked this time.

    Paul and Gary - know what you mean about it being nice to see the "old faces" here. It's really motivating to have people to "quit with".

    My cravings are reduced to "stressful" situations only now, but by realising (thanks to Allan Carr "Stop Smoking in 60 minutes" dvd) that smoking doesn't reduce stress it causes it, I'm finding that I'm fighting the cravings with logic. Smoking DOES NOTHING for you. The only reason you think it reduced stress was because it ended the stressful withdrawal symptoms you were experiencing from having had the last cigarette and so on and so forth....

    I'm also watching smokers alot. Watching them inhale the smoke subconsciously. I am determined not to be a facist ex smoker. I understand as well as any smoker or ex smoker how bloody hard it is to quit, so I just hope all the smokers I see around me have the strenght to quit too.

    Go Ex-Smoking Comrades!

  • Hey Polster

    Hope you got rid of those twelve angry men in your handbag.

    Good to see you going strong still


  • Hey Polster

    Hope you got rid of those twelve angry men in your handbag.

    Good to see you going strong still


    Funny you should say that, I gave them to "Clarebear" (we work together) today and she's going to give them to her other half tonight.

    Too dangerous having those rascals in my grasp.

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