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No Smoking Day
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Last day in this section :D

So this is my day 7.

I didnt use my inhalator yesterday, not used it so far today either.

When i went to the smoking clinic my carbon monoxide was 13, thats when i was smoking, and ive got another appointment this week sometime but i cant find my diary so cant remember which day it is, i know its not today tho.

I thought seeing as im at a weeks mark id tell you how i managed to get this far :D

I set my date for quit smoking 6 weeks in advance.

I smoked for those 6 weeks, everyday counting down and mentally preparing myself but i also didnt smoke "full fat" fags, i went onto the silk cut silver...expensive but worth it. (i could smoke 10 of those to one normal ciggy)

In these 6 weeks, i told EVERYONE my quit day, my friends, family, the nurse, the doctor, EVERYONE who knew me.

A week before my quit date, i went to smoking clinic and told her ive got a week left of smoking, i needed something to help...i got the inhalator.

In the last week, i couldnt WAIT to start my quit smoking, i felt like i was smoking just to get myself to that certain day.

The night before my quit day, i stayed up until midnight, smoking myself stupid, and i had my last ciggy at ten to twelve.

And now, im at a week non smoking...and feel great :)

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The pride is oozing from your post there :).. Well done you!!! :)

Great feeling isn't it :).. and here you are now almost going into week 2.. thats got to be reason to smile :)

Good on you!

Keep this up.



Well done, Elli.


Your post is marvellous, it made me smile lots!!

Well done.... you sound like your breezing through this!

Congratulations on one of the best decisions you'll make in life.

Zozie xx


Well done you, what a lovely post to read. It's great that you are managing without the inhaler, remember it's there if you do need it, don't threaten your quit by not using it.



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