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how true is this?

I heard a good while ago that quitting smoking leaves you with a bigger chance of catching colds,coughs,viruses,sore throats etc etc.. due to the fact that when your smoking it creates a shield(if you like) so your less chance to catch things & it is known for people to develop asthma after quitting? due to the same reason as above........i found that quite hard to take in? Anyone shed any light? Im not trying to frighten anyone whos quitting just need to know for myself if this information is correct or not?

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I'm not sure on this.. my daughter has had 8 or 9 colds this winter (she's joined a nursery so catches all of them there)... and i've been immune to all of them. My OH has caught 3-4 of those colds but i haven't.

I didn't avoid the horrible flu i got last year though, no idea if it was that flash in the pan 'swine flu', but it whipped round all of us in our house within a day n a half. As you couldn't go doctors you couldn't get it correctly diagnosed.

I do however remember on previous quits that i seemed to always have a cold though, just not this time, which is strange.

What are other folks experiences on this?


The question about asthma is interesting. I have suffered very badly from asthma since the age of 20, coincidentally when I first owned a dog (parents wouldn't let me have pets so I had to wait until I left home).

Eighteen years later my beloved dog had to be put to sleep and the asthma cleared up. I was a smoker from age 15 and smoked throughout this entire period. 6 months later I had one of my many failed attempts at quitting and guess what - the asthma came back, and with a vengeance. I've always thought it was my lungs going into shock at the lack of smoke!!

However, on my now successful quit, the asthma has cleared up to a large extent. When I travel away from home I don't need inhalers, but still being a pet person ( 2 cats & 1 v hairy dog) I do suffer in my own home.

Work that one out if you can!!


I think smokers will catch less bugs, germs etc from other people, because sensible people steer clear. David


Not needing or wanting just can’t forget

Not sure on this one but I had a Cold or the Flu for a week befor I quit and so did OH it was pretty bad so Xmas I stopped CT my OH has never smoked but he has still got the cough and mines gone do we sometimes blame every thing on the quit maybe trying to justify smoking again NO dont all shout at me I am only stating my opinion.

I hope also that asthma would improve if you had it not start if you never had it would it??????

My Ma In Law has had it all her life and Pa In Law has to smoke in the garden else she is worse, all I know is its made me fatter LOL but thats me eating for england to take mind off stopping.


Oh my goodness :eek:

Coughs,colds,asthma,constipation,insomnia,depression,weight gain...please...pass me a ciggy somebody :confused:


Hi Kath :D

I honestly don't know the answer to this one but I have only really heard of people whose asthma etc seem to get better

Lily :D

It sounds to me that you may be allergic to animal hair a simple test at Dr#s or the hospital would tell you for sure though

But going by the fact that you get no problems when away from home and presumably your pets I think it's very possible especially as ut returns when you get back home

I'm not a Dr though but I do know that some people do have this allergy from my time as a nurse


Marg xx


It would make absolutely no sense at all to be more prone to cold, virus etc. because of not smoking.

I think maybe people get a bit low and stressed which I do believe make them more prone to virus etc.

As far as asthma goes, do we perhaps put up with the shortness of breath when we smoke cos we are smokers. As non smokers its unreasonable to expect any condition we have to miraculously disappear cos we've stopped puffing.

Some of us have smoked very little, some a lot, our bodies have varying degress of healing to do, and who's to know how we would be now, if we never had smoked a cigarette in our lives.

There's only one thing I can be certain of, and that is every day I don't smoke a cigarette has got to be of great benefit to my insides. Stay positive, keep those stress levels down, eat lot's of fruit and veg (or just eat lots, it's working for me!)

Lorraine :)


Kit Kat where have you read this info? as it could be one of these crank web sites.


Hi all

A friend read it in a newspaper some while ago.. Not dodgy info possibly a study of some kind ??not sure......think crossed wires along the posts...It was just saying that when someone is a smoker they will be less prone to catching stuff.. just wondered if anyone else had read it & more info about it...just out of curiosity really..coz not for one minute do i think that a smoker is healthier then a non smoking & i dont think that was what the info was saying.....?!!

thanks for replies x


Hiya Kath. This doesn't answer your question but it may be of interest to someone. David


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