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Correct theory or rubbish

This week I had a really good Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then Thursday, Friday and today has been yuk.

I have a theory Thursday, friday and today my lungs seem to be going through a clearing process again without going into detail. Is it possible that deep down inside our lungs from years of smoking nicotine has been stored? And as our lungs are clearing this old nicotine is being released and this is what is causing us to feel we want to smoke weeks into stopping.

Just a thought because I don't think I should be wanting to smoke when I have been free from smoke for 10 weeks.


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PM (lot better now)

Hi Jack I think and this is only me talking crap that your lungs take up to a year or so to clean and even then they will never be 100% clean but for a smoker who has been used to them being cacked up they will feel 200% better.

There is a certain amount of Tar which is what our lungs have stored at the bottom of our lungs and some of that will have become ingrained and probably never move but hey so long as we cough most of it up who cares, keep on hacking LOL.

As for the nicotine thing dont think so as that goes into the blood stream and clears the system eventualy.

Think you are missing the ritual not the drug have a lolly pop sonething in your hand will help Hee Hee.


Hi Jack, no it's not nicotine it's a memory, I felt it too at this stage, distract yourself doing something you like or even something that needs doing. Good idea to share it as this will mean it is not only in your head bothering you, others will get help and identification from your post.

Enjoy your day.



Hi Jack :D

I agree with Jackie here it's a memory thing something you always assosiated with smoking and they will crop up from time to time usually when doing something for the firast time since you quit qill set them off OK


Marg xx


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