Day 28

Yep hit day 28 today also be 50 tomorrow so I kept my promise that would give up by 50.

Feeling kinda good a lot happier now that I know I am nor a smoker anymore.

Even though i enjoyed the pleasure of smoking or nicotine gave me I was never happy being a smoking feels a bit like losing a close friend but time will heal I guess.

Still get about one or two craves a day on some days some quite strong use counting down and deep breaths to get over them

I have not spent £168.00 from not smoking 20 pack a day drinking also gone down just at weekend's now.

I feel I can breath a lot deeper and walkup steep hills a lot easier not sure about the skin thing guess that's one for the gals not easy to see in dim light of winter.

Just did a quick calc if one smokes 20 a day that is about a half mile of cigs a year.

I guess my journey has only just started.

What a fool I have been.

Hope everyone still feeling strong


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  • well done :D thats great your first month done and well done on doing it before your birthday have good day tomorrow best wishes...

    hopefully my 28th day is on my birthday and i wanted to stop before and hopefully i'll still be smoke free on 22nd feb :)


  • Hi Gary :D

    Thats great 28 days smoke free keep going

    Happy birthday for tomorrow


    marg xx

  • Hey Gary, my birthday tomorrow as well. It will be my first smoke free for a very long time.

    Day 28 is amazing that is a whole month, 4 weeks fantastic.

    Stay strong, stay focused and of course have a wonderful day tomorrow are you having a party?

  • Good for you Gary..and happy birthday.

    Only until Friday then we can go into the "1 month" Forum! :)

    Oh and many happy returns to Bev too...

  • Happy birthday Gary.


  • Happy Birthday!

    I hope you have a good birthday, Gary.

  • Happy B'day

    Big smoke free, fresh smelling kiss on cheek.

    Happy Birthday

  • hi gary congratulations, you have every reason to be proud of yourself well done and happy birthday for tomorrow

    Marie xxxxxxxx

  • Thanks for all the nice comments everyone.

    Think I might need a bit of blade runner tech to get another 50 out of this abused pile of old bones giving up smoking is a good start I guess.

    Stay strong everyone.


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