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Smoking Diaries

Hello all.

I just wondered if people kept a smoking diary.

I have been drafting one now and again to record some of my memories of what it was like. Its by no means exhaustive - but it did help me with my last message when I left Room 4/5 when I could highlight some major milestones for me.

It may be a good idea to share these.

Only a thought.

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Have a sort of diary scribbled in the back of my filofax, not a truly dedicated piece - or even well thought out, just more of a points of interest.



what a good idea! wished I'd done it from the start. Looking back over the last 8 weeks it's all quite surreal, each day was different also a different body part hurt. It makes me realise how far I've come,

marie xx


I think it's a great idea, I often feel now that I wish I had, when trying to help others I can't remember exactly how it was. The other night I had a dream, I felt a massive crave, it was really awful but actually reminded me how much we go through, hope I never to experience that again.



I only wrote one up to day 13 (CT) and it makes for grim reading/remembering. I do remember it like it was yesterday but the reality is 4 months ago! And it is a really great reminder on how far we have come because it's really easy to forget. Crikey I don't ever want to go back there, so thats enough of a reminder to Never Take Another Puff. Perhaps the new quitters will be motivated enough to keep a diary so that they can check out their amazing progress.


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